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Poster Design
Posters provide a large visual marketing tool that is ideal for exhibitions and outdoor advertising. To get your company noticed, Pig Pen is able to produce eye-catching designs that really do stand out from the crowd.

Web Design
A good website is vital for any successful organisation. By creating attractive designs with powerful messages, we can help you gain the all important market edge in a competitive environment.

Flyer Design
Flyers are used for many reasons, including event promotion, sales and advertising. We can provide effective designs, photography and print management for all your flyer projects.
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Logo Design
A powerful corporate identity can make the difference between being noticed and not being noticed. That is why the design of our customer's corporate logos provide a solid brand image that instils confidence and loyalty.

Advertising Design
Pig Pen is able to design tailor-made advertisements for magazines, newspapers and other publications, including photography when required.

Brochure and Catalogue Design
One of our major strengths is the ability to create attractive and user friendly brochures and catalogues. These heavy-duty items are often expensive to produce, but due to low overheads and long term experience in this sector we are able to provide very competitively priced solutions.
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